Heal Your Birth Experience

Births are rarely what we expect.

If you experienced your birth as difficult, challenging or traumatic, you deserve support.

You have a place to share and heal, a place to reflect, learn and learn new coping strategies. 

Your birth may have been long or short; you may have felt unheard or unsupported; you may have a history of abuse or sexual assault or not; you may have had a vaginal birth or a Cesarean birth; you may have experienced fear for your safety or your baby's safety. Your birth could have been last week or years ago. You likely feel irritated when you hear people remark, "but you have your baby." Women experience trauma in their births for different reasons. Birth trauma is "in the eye of the beholder" (Beck, 2004). 

According to the "New Mothers Speak Out" survey of 2008, 18% of women experienced some of the characteristics of post-traumatic flashbacks of the birth, nightmares, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, anxiety or panic, anger or irritability, numbness or avoidance. (Childbirth Connection, 2008)

After 2-4 sessions, mothers who work with me after they experience a difficult of traumatic birth feel supported, empowered and more at peace with their birthing experience. Many parents have stated they feel they have healed their birthing story. You can, too. I offer home visits for those with new babies to honor your bonding time at home.

Heal Your Birth Experience.
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Quarterly, I offer "Healing Birth Stories" group to share, listen and collectively heal our birthing stories together. Join me on Wednesdays in 2015: February 18, May 20, August 19 and November 18 from 7-9pm.
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