Sacred Motherhood: Seasonal Ceremonies for Mamas

Motherhood is a series of Sacred Transitions.
Pregnant, nursing, parenting mamas and grandmothers are invited to be honored & celebrated.

Sacred time to reflect.
Time for you to share and connect with other mamas in various stages of motherhood.
Time to grow closer to the mom you desire to be.
In this ceremony, we honor our own unique stages, changes, grief, delight, hopes, intentions. We have a new theme each month. Ceremonies are o
ffered monthly (special events near the Equinoxes and the Solstices). 

These are 'come as you are' gatherings... no need to 'get it together.' You are welcome to come unshowered, screeching in late, needing to leave early, however you are... you will be non-judgmentally (cuz we've all been there) welcomed in to land and come closer to who you are in any moment. Some mommas arrange their schedules around these gatherings, as it is can be the only quiet time we could get all month (though I hope not). 

        Sacred Motherhood Seasonal Ceremonies are quarterly.

March, June, September and December
[space is limited]

To reserve your spot, email me or join us on our Sacred Mamas' Meetup.