Nurturing Mamas and Families

... Going through a change or challenge in your a family?
... Embarking upon parenthood?  
... Wanting to take your parenting to the next level?

Parenthood changes us in ways we cannot ever be prepared for. It can be one of the most demanding, challenging jobs we will ever have. Parenting can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling role we have. Every parent deserves support as we go through the many changes, transitions and challenges. Some of the areas I specialize in, include the following:

Birth Preparations
+ Pregnancy Preparations & Consultations
+ Maternal Mental Health
+ Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
+ Supporting Survivors Give Birth

+ Heal Birth Experiences (current or previous)
+ Therapeutic Postpartum Support (home visits)

Motherhood Support
+ Support Stages & Transitions of Mothering
+ Parents with Infants Support Group
+ Release the Grip of "Mother Guilt"
+ Nourish Yourself (be the mom you want to be)
+ Reconnect with your Sacred Motherhood Path
+ Mom & Daughter Repair Disconnections/Wound
Couple Strengthen Relationships
+ Preparing your Relationship for Family Life
+ Navigate Chaos & Re-Connect/Heal the Divide
+ Co-Parenting Strategies
+ Create Meaningful Family Traditions
+ Conscious Family Bounding & Attachment       

I can help you regain balance in your life, uncover internal & external resources and offer practical tools to support yourself and your family. I offer a wealth of support, information, resources, practical strategies and experience. I have specialized training and education and have worked with hundreds of families in over 15 years in the mental health field, over 10 years as a birth doula and my own 13 years as a parent to a sweet, vivacious son.

Individual sessions, partner/couples sessions and groups related to parenting are offered throughout the year. I work with those becoming a new family (pre-conception through early childhood, single parent families, blending families and other diverse families.

Home visits are available for those pre-established clients with new babies (infants, adoptions) to honor your bonding time at home.  Every family deserves support.

I offer Seasonal Ceremony for Mamas: Sacred Motherhood quarterly (special events on the equinoxes and solstices). Mothers (of all stages) come together to connect with each other, and we make time to slow-down, reflect and be honored and celebrated as we mark our changes throughout motherhood. 

Healing Birth Stories is a quarterly gathering of those who would like to listen, share and heal personal experiences of birthing. 

Parents with Infants are welcome to attend our weekly group for support, resources and connections.

monthly Pregnancy Night Out events are open to expecting individual and couples           

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