Mentorship for Doulas

   ... want to gain more experience & feel more confident in the birth world?
     ... is it time to take your doula business to the next level?
     ... want a doula for your Doula Biz?Jenevieve

Feel supported and set a strong foundation for your business. Perhaps you've attended births and are wanting to establish yourself more strongly in the community? Perhaps you have never attended a birth, but took the training and want to do MORE with what you learned over the weekend? Perhaps you are working with another doula (or more) to start your doula business as a team?

As a doula since 2002 (attending births since 1996), I know first-hand the work it takes to birth your successful, sustainable doula business. There are many aspects to doula businesses and they look different for everyone. The right support can make all the difference to make your doula business work for you!

I am passionate about supporting newer doulas. 
Over the years, my mentees have been grateful for the practical strategies to building their own successful businesses, insight into their own doula-style, professional development and resources to support their own clients. Some mentees have said it is a "selling point" to tell their potential client that they are supported by an experienced doula with so many years of experience.

I can support new doulas find your own niche, grow your unique doula-confidence, create your own Heart-Map, build solid business strategies,
explore your ideal-client base, locate clients, brainstorm a personalized plan for collaboration/networking, boost repertoire of practical skills and best practices, work with financial values and worth, expand your toolbox for self-renewal, and sustain your doula practice.

Δ INDIVIDUAL DOULA MENTORSHIP: Topics we can cover can be found on this 

I am a consultant for newer and established doula groups or collectives. I wrote the article published in DONA International called 
"The Changing Structures of Doula Work."

Δ Newer/Aspiring Doulas' Support Circle. I facilitate a group with topics, handouts and/or speakers. It is a place to network, share tips, gain strategies, and use a 'accountability partners' as we set goals and check-in on our continual changes.

Δ  I created the Affordable Doula Network (now called Accessible Birth Connection), designed to connect with clients in need with area doulas. Clients who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford a doula have access, and doulas have access to potential clients! Doulas interested in joining can find information at start the mentorship program or consultation, book a free 30minute so we can chat together, explore what feels like a good fit for your thriving birth business!

Experiences from Past Mentees: 

"My experience with Jenevieve as my mentor was extremely rewarding and helpful on my path to working as a doula and running my own business. In the time working with her, she provided me with guidance when I felt over-whelmed or confused about the next steps for establishing myself. Jenevieve supported me in understanding the complexities of working as a doula, but she also helped me to uncover my unique strengths as a doula based on my personal passions and skills. Working with her was the foundation that I needed to feel supported embarking on this journey because of her wealth of practical knowledge and compassionate understanding of the challenges unique to this business. I highly recommend working with Jenevieve as a mentor to anyone who has felt challenged, disconnected from the birth community, or just needs a little jumpstart starting out as a doula." --Rachel H.

"Jenevieve has made a tremendously positive life-altering impact in my life and in my pursuit of serving as a doula. Most significantly, I have dropped in to a depth of awareness of how the birth experience manifests in my life everyday. I find myself accessing the wisdom of the Doula. Furthermore, with Jenevieve’s support, I have developed a wide array of tools and resources that make up my own Doula Wisdom. I am more fully grounded in my life path and both a softer and stronger woman directly because of my journey with Jenevieve as my doula mentor. She has been both a guide and a companion in all the right places on this path. I am extremely grateful for Jenevieve’s continued wisdom, support and guidance. She is to me the most beautiful embodiment of Doula and I would recommend her mentorship to anyone." -- Betsy J.

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