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I am passionate about supporting individuals, couples, families and groups as we navigate transitions from where we are ... to where we want to be.

About My Approach:
Each person I am honored to work with is met with true non-judgmental support and deep respect. Beyond the spaciousness and empathy counselors offer, I also provide keen insights, practical and proven strategies to boost your immediate functioning, as well as on-going tools to support reaching your goals and sustaining your optimal wellness.

My approach brings together a blend of practical, interactive strategies, a safe, supportive environment, insight, experientials, goal-oriented tools, research, breath & body awareness, mindfulness, gestalt, imagery, etc.  [more details below of my education, modalities & experience]

Benefits of Counseling:
When facing life’s changes and challenges with the right support, you can rise above and deepen your own wellness. With over 15 years of experience, I can help you heal, learn practical tools, regain balance in your life, unearth internal & external resources, and reclaim your true joy and vitality.

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Education Background: 
My educational background is in psychology, counseling, sociology and human services with in-depth clinical studies in many schools of psychology, including: cognitive, transpersonal, existential, humanistic, experiential, gestalt and positive psychology /strength-based approach.

I have specialized certifications, study and training in pre-, peri- and post-natal, parenting, pain management, leadership and transitions.

I use a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional modalities tailored to serve the person(s) I am serving: Goal Setting, Insight, Life Skill Coaching, Practical, Interactive Strategies, Experientials, Cognitive / Behavioral Tool, Pain Reduction/Management, Self-Care Tools, Homework, Peri-Natal And Birth Work, Trauma Release, Evidence-Based Approaches / Information, Research, Community Resources and Networking, Body & Breath Awareness, Mindfulness Practices, Presence, Gestalt, Reframing, Active, Reflective Listening, Meaning-Making Story Sharing, Metaphors, Dreamwork, Art making, Guided Imagery, Visualizations and more … 

Professional Experience:

I am a therapist, a birth doula, an educator and a mentor/ supervisor.  Since 1996, I have been steeped in a wide range of mental health professions ranging from non-profits, universities and private practice. With my extensive professional background, I provide a wide bag of resources and support tools that I tailor to your unique situation and needs.

I have worked in many specific areas, including: pain management, birth doula support, family interventions, university faculty, co-creation of university counseling and internship program, crisis prevention and prevention, abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, grief work, community response teams and trainings, community building, program development, psychoeducational presentations, leadership training, life skills, self-nurturing, women’s groups, allyship diversity work, volunteer advocacy programs, networking & coalition building, rites of passages ceremonies, coaching business strategies, mentorship and supervision.

Most recently, I co-founded the JOY Collective: Pregnancy, Parenting and Wellness Center with HeatherLyn to bring together the areas premier practitioners to serve moms, families and children in one, cozy location.  

By checking out this website, you are a step closer to your best self. Take the next step toward your health: Start a counseling relationship that makes a lasting, positive difference. Contact me for a free consultation to see if I am the *right support* for your healing, growth and vibrant wellness.


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I offer a free 30 minute consultation session for new clients.

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